Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Honor, or the lack thereof

I am non-partisan as a pastor, because it's the right thing to be.
But here's an email I just wrote. I know it won't do any good. But I am sick of the dishonorable fear mongering and false witness bearing of Barack Obama's opponents. It is really getting ugly.
By the way, I think it is time our spell checkers learn how to spell both 'Barack' and 'Obama.' I have a feeling we'll be writing about him for a long, long time.

Honor, or the lack thereof
From: Eric Lemonholm
Tue 10/28/08

Republican Party of Minnesota,
I just received your mailing, trying to link Barack Obama with William Ayers' 1960's radicalism and domestic terrorism.
Do you have no honor? Do you have no shame? The whole campaign that you're running, "Barack Obama. Not who you think he is." is dishonorable fear mongering. Trying to smear Barack Obama's good name by falsely linking him to terrorism is dishonorable. I do not think I need to tell you how false this smear campaign is. You already know. It's another attempt at swift boating a candidate, lying often enough that people begin to believe the lies. The loose connections between Obama and Ayers - which all occurred decades after Ayer's '60's radicalism - are no closer than Ayers' connections with many people in Chicago politics, Republicans and Democrats alike. You know this is true.
If you cannot win an election by sticking to real issues and speaking the truth, you do not deserve to win. If you cannot win an election without resorting to bearing false witness against your neighbor, you do not deserve to win.
Eric Lemonholm

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  1. I got the same mailing in Wisconsin. In retrospect, it appears that very few people fell for this garbage; the only people believing it would have voted for McCain anyway.