Thursday, May 27, 2010

12 Guidelines for a Spiritual Odyssey

Here’s an odyssey to embark upon!

Morton Kelsey’s 12 Guidelines for a Spiritual Odyssey

1. Act as though you believe in the spiritual realm

2. Undertake the quest with serious purpose

3. Seek companionship and spiritual direction for the spiritual journey

4. Turn away from the busy-ness of the outer world in silence and introversion

5. Learn the value of genuine fasting

6. Learn to use the forgotten faculty of the imagination

7. Keep a journal

8. Record your own dreams

9. Be as honest with yourself as you can and get someone else to help you to be honest

10. Let your life manifest real love

11. Gird yourself with persistence and courage

12. Give generously of your material goods

Source: Maddocks, The Christian Healing Ministry, p. 139