Sunday, September 19, 2010


John Price:

Let Peace come forth in every mind.

Let Love flow forth from every heart.

Let Forgiveness reign in every soul.

Let Understanding be the common bond.

And now from the Light of the world,

the One Presence and Power of the Universe responds.

The Activity of God is healing and harmonizing Planet Earth.

Omnipotence is made manifest.

I am seeing the salvation of the planet before my very eyes,

as all false beliefs and error patterns are dissolved.

The sense of separation is no more, the healing has taken place

and the world is restored to sanity.

This is the beginning of Peace on Earth and Good Will toward all

as Love flows forth from every heart,

forgiveness reigns in every soul,

and all hearts and minds are one in perfect understanding.

It is done. And it is so.

As quoted in Robert Winterhalter with George W. Fisk, Jesus' Parables: Finding Our God Within (New York: Paulist Press, 1993), 185.