Sunday, December 31, 2006


My personal Bible study plan for 2007:

Read through the Bible in a year. Click here for a handy Adobe document to help you read through the Bible in one year. Just print it out on two sides of one sheet of paper and start reading! Reading through the Bible in a year is the least we can do to keep in God’s word, to inhabit the biblical discussion about God, to meet God in, through, and under the words of the Bible.

Study the 52 chapters of Luke and Acts, one per week. It is year C in the Lectionary, the year of Luke. Luke and Acts are one unified narrative of Jesus’ ministry and the beginning of the church. It is the only work of its kind in scripture; the other three Gospels end with Jesus’ appearances after the Resurrection. I’ll study a chapter each week, and try to report what I learn here. My main resources will be the text in Greek (I use Gramcord Bible software), the Interpretation commentaries, the Interpretation journal archives, and the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture.

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