Friday, February 22, 2008

Here are my latest homilies. The first is a sermon on faith, reflecting on Abraham and Nicodemus' stories. The second is a homily on Jesus the Suffering Servant, reacting to an interview of Bart Ehrman and Jesus' washing. Though I have not read enough of Ehrman's writings to judge them, his personal agnosticism seems anemic compared to the courageous faith of those who have actually endured suffering. He really seems not to have grown far beyond his fundamentalist roots.

2008-2-17 Lent 2A

2008-2-20 Lent-Servant


  1. Ehrman is a great read for anyone struggling with their faith. His blather will make you so mad that you will defend the faith with ALL your might! (Can you tell that I'm not a fan?)

  2. David,
    I agree - Ehrman may know a lot about Biblical texts, but his theological thinking seems shallow.