Friday, October 05, 2007

"Christ the Man"

Here is a paper I wrote as a freshman in college on the Book of Hebrews. Note that my last name was Holm before I married, and note the note quite politically correct, though historically correct title - what is essential is that Jesus was fully human (and fully divine); he also happened to be a First Century Galilean Jewish man.

Christ the Man: Jesus’ Identity with Humanity and its Significance for Faith in Hebrews

Eric Holm (Lemonholm)
Introduction to Biblical Studies
Dr. David M. Scholar
April 19, 1990

The Letter to Hebrews gives two contrasting views of Jesus, his deity and his humanity. The letter's Christological duality is echoed elsewhere in the New Testament, notably in the Gospel of John, but nowhere is it as explicit as in Hebrews. The unknown author of Hebrews takes two seemingly exclusive and contradictory natures, spirit and flesh, and synthesizes them in Jesus Christ. John tells us that "the Word [Jesus] became flesh; he came to dwell among us, and we saw his glory."1 But why did the Christ, the Son of God, have to become a human, and was he truly human? The writer of Hebrews gives his (or her) answers to those questions, and this paper will look at his2 views on the deity and humanity of Jesus, and on his function as Savior or High Priest, in the hopes of gaining an understanding of the subject.

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