Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mission and Vision Notes

Eric Paul Lemonholm
March 18, 2007

As we seek to be God’s faithful people in this place and time, how can we welcome the lost sons and daughters?
How can we keep watch for them and run to them, and embrace them?
How can we celebrate their arrival in our midst?
How can we encourage and nurture the older sons and daughters who are always with us?

Take a look at the Mission Feedback and Vision handout in your bulletin.
The first side has the results of our Mission Session last Sunday. We asked the question, What do we do? What has been God’s mission for Grace Lutheran? Here is what we came up with, including Scripture references:

MISSION - What We Do:
Grace by grace, seeking to be God’s faithful people
Listening Post Feedback, March 11, 2007
Grace Lutheran Church

Prayer – Pray without ceasing! (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

Fellowship – Do not neglect to meet together (Hebrews 10:25)

Day to Day volunteers – Service - We are what God has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life. (Ephesians 2:10)

Children – teaching, Day Camp, Camp Emmaus – Let the little children come to me! (Matthew 19:14)

Visitation – homebound, hospital, friends in need – Visit the sick (Matthew 25:36)

Food Pantry – Feed the hungry (Matthew 25:35)

Quilters – Clothe the naked (Matthew 25:36)

Today, instead of having a visioning session during our fellowship hour, I want you to take this handout home.
Pray over these questions:

March 18, 2007: VISION - What We are Becoming
Frederick Buechner: “Vocation is where the world’s greatest need and a person’s greatest joy meet.”  Vocation means calling, what God has called you to be and do.  Our task is to discern our church’s vocation, our calling by God, what God has called us to be and do as a congregation. 

  • What is God already doing in my/our neighborhood that I/we could join in?

  • What needs attention in my/our neighborhood that I/we could address?
Passions & Gifts

  • What stirs my/our heart as it relates to the redemptive work of Christ in the world?

  • What skills/abilities do I/we have to offer?

  • What is God telling me/us through my/our surroundings, story, and passions?

  • What are the world’s, or our community’s, greatest needs, and how are we called to meet those needs as we live out our joy?ix

Pray over these questions, in the light of the gracious welcome of our forgiving and loving God.
Answer these questions from your heart.
Bring your answers back next Sunday, or mail it to church.
Visioning is not something we can rush.
We want to hear from as many members of Grace as possible.
We’ll also include this in our April newsletter.
So take your time.
Reflect. Pray. Talk with one another. Seek God’s vision for Grace.

Let us pray. God, you have given us a mission in this time and place. Give us a vision for what you want us to be and do. Make it a vision big enough to stretch us and reach our community and our world with your grace and mercy, your justice and peace. Grow us in grace and send us forth to do your will. Amen.
ixSome questions adapted from

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