Saturday, October 14, 2006

Here is another post from newproclamation, about the rich man that Jesus challenged in Mark 10:

I just found this quote (from ‘A Spirituality of Materiality,’ by Rev. Thomas H. Troeger, in The Living Pulpit, April-June 2006):

I once saw a cartoon picturing a lone religious pilgrim with a staff, a cowl, a long beard, and a haggard look. Stopped at a fork in the road, the religious seeker faces a sign. One arrow points toward “The meaning of life.” Another arrow points in the opposite direction toward “Cheese and crackers.” If that pilgrim believes in the incarnation, he will not hesitate for a second. He will head straight for the cheese and crackers, where others will be gathered to eat and to talk, and perhaps to sing and to dance.

Perhaps that rich man was looking for the meaning of life, while Jesus was inviting him to a party. Not that following Jesus is all cheese and crackers, but we don’t find the meaning of our lives by selfishly searching for it. We find meaning for life as we follow Jesus, the incarnate one, and live and serve in solidarity and community with his body, the church.

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